The Experiment | Retrospective

The experiment Part 4 A long look back

‘The Experiment’ is a quarterly screening series that charts the border regions of documentary and experimental modes of filmmaking. This year’s final Experiment takes a much broader focus than previous screening and casts a long look at cinema history.  When did these two genres emerge, and what is their relationship in the context of cinema history? Modern works will be shown along side this first films ever shot in this special one-night event.

Curated by Lorenzo & Peter

The Experiment

Part 3: The Ethnographic Eye

The experiment is an ongoing series that examines the common ground between the documentary and the experimental/avant-garde modes of cinema.

On this night, curators Peter Buntaine and Lorenzo Gattorna reach the far corners the world through poetic eyes,  where ethnographic and experimental film traditions converge.


Trypps #6, Ben Russell

Aftermarks, Fern Silva

Path of Cessation, Robert Fulton

Failed States, Henry Hills

Phantoms of Nabua, Apichatpong Weerasethekul

Divine Horsemen, Maya Deren