Men of Bronze

Dir. William Miles, 1977, 60 min.

Men of Bronze is the definitive story of black American soldiers of the 369th U.S. combat regiment, the 15th Infantry from New York, know as the "Harlem Hellfighters," who served with the French army in World War I. The film uses photographs, interviews with veterans, and film from the French and American national Archives to recount the saga of the "Harlem Hellfighters," offering an inspiring tribute to these unsung heroes and an unforgettable look at World War I.


In Conversation: William Miles, Richard Adams, and General Nathaniel James, 369th Infantry


This War At Home

Dir. Ivan Sanchez Jr. (2008) 6 min.

Bronx based filmmaker Ivan Sanchez Jr.  examines the loss of African-American and Latino male role models to a war waged abroad and its impact on the "war at home" - struggles for survival and development in Black and Brown communities in U.S. cities. Sanchez Jr. brings personal insight to this structural problem as he connects the loss of his 19 year old uncle Ivan in Vietnam in 1968 to his involvement in gangs and drugs as a youth. Sanchez Jr. resolves to compensate for his absent role models by doubling his efforts to guide and love the next generation. This War At Home was produced through NBPC's Black Masculinity Series in 2008.

Discussion with:

--Richard Adams - filmmaker; cameraman for No Vietnamese

--Kazembe Balagun - organizer, writer; Outreach Coordinator of the Brecht Forum

--Matt Peterson - critic and filmmaker; curator of Red Channels

--Ivan Sanchez, Jr. - author of Next Stop (2008); writer of This War at Home