Keeling's Caribbean Showcase

Sunday, April 11th, 7:30pm

Best of Reggae Sunsplash (1982)

Reggae Sunsplash is the brainchild of four Jamaicans, Tony Johnson, Don Green, Ronnie Burke and John Wakeling. Beginning in the summer of 1978, Sunsplash and the great reggae artists it featured is credited for generating tourism in Jamaica during the summer, traditionally a dead season. This collection of performances by The Mighty Diamonds, Yellow Man, Dean Fraser, Eek-A-Mouse and many more captures the festival at its apex.

Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music

Dir. Mike Connolly, 2004, 90 min.

This documentary uses clips, interviews, and musical performances to examine the evolution of reggae music, which was born on the streets of Jamaica and spread through America, Europe, and eventually the world. The popular artists of reggae, whose presence is still felt today, ultimately created a lasting impression and went on to influence a wide variety of musical styles including rock and hip hop.


Keeling's Caribbean Movie Showcase: Babylon

Dir. Franco Rosso, 1980, 91 min.

"Criminally Underrated!"

Babylon is set in South London at the start of the ’80s, a time when reggae music was at its peak, along with a distinctively British brand of xenophobia and racism that saw American boxer Marvin Hagler pelted with bottles at Wembley after beating Alan ‘I’ll never lose to a black man’ Minter. The plot concerns Blue, lead chanter for Ital Lion Sound (played by Aswad singer and former Double Decker Brinsley Forde), in the run-up to a competition with a rival crew led by Jah Shaka (who appears as himself). Over the course of the film Blue socialises with his friends and clashes with his family, employer, and a local clan of racists, before going on a spiritual and physical journey through small hours London where he encounters a series of trials and temptations that set up the film’s violent climax. -Angus Taylor


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Curated by Keeling Beckford of Keeling's Reggae and Music Video

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae

Dir. Stascha Bader, 2009, 95 min.

This documentary chronicles the short history of Jamaican Rocksteady music while highlighting its influences on modern Jamaican tunes. Considered a transitional genre between ska and reggae music, Rocksteady enjoyed a short period of popularity from 1966 until 1970 when it was overshadowed by reggae's similar heavy bass sound.