Under the Influence of Ego Trip

Curated with Andreas Vingaard

Electric Boogie

Tana Ross, 1983, 30 min. 

This film intimately follows four African-American and Latino young people coming up in the early ’80s South Bronx, and their unflagging devotion to the art b-boy-ing and breaking. 


Beat This!: A Hip Hop History

Dick Fontaine, 1984, 60 min.

This tremendous, highly stylized BBC production features dynamic appearances by a veritable who’s who of original school luminaries: Kool Herc (in what are perhaps his most revealing and personal public interviews), Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force, the Cold Crush Brothers, Lisa Lee, Sha-Rock, graffiti writer Brim of Tats Cru, and Officer Kevin Hickey of the NYPD’s infamous Vandal Squad. Rhymed narration provided by NYC broadcasting legend Gary Byrd.

Q&A with Electric Boogie Dir. Tana Ross and Freke Vuijst and special guest