Inside Buffalo

Dir. Fred Kuwornu, 2010, 60 min.

Inside Buffalo, tells the story of the 92nd Buffalo Division, the all African American segregated combat unit that fought with outstanding heroism in Italy during the Second World War. This 60 minute documentary recounts a critically important piece of African American history and places it squarely within the context of Civil Rights history. The "Buffalo Soldiers," were men who valiantly fought two wars at the same time; one against the Nazis, the other against racial discrimination. Those who survived found that their contributions went unnoticed upon their return to United Stated of America. Director Fred Kuwornu, an Italian filmmaker of African heritage, searches out little-known aspects of the story, including details of the friendships forged between African American soldiers and the Italian partisan fighters and villagers they liberated from fascist rule. It was a 2009 meeting with Spike Lee – who was shooting Miracle at St. Anna on location in Tuscany -- that inspired Kuwornu to start this very personal voyage of discovery culminating in the powerful documentary. The last living African American soldier awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII, Vernon Baker, recounts vividly his war-time experiences and the heroism of his unit. The film also includes a special courtesy appearance by President Barack Obama! Inside Buffalo is a patchwork of stories that history almost forgot to tell until now.

Followed by a Q&A with dir. Fred Kuwornu