Fred Hampton

Dir. Videofreex & Video Data Bank, 1969, 30 mins.

At the luxurious Chicago home of Lucy Montgomery, the radical video collective Videofreex conducted this interview of Fred Hampton a month before his brutal murder by Chicago police. Though he was only twenty-one years old at the time Fred Hampton, head of the Illinois chapter of the BPP, speaks articulately and with passion about the Breakfast Club and free health clinic that the BPP was setting up in Chicago. He also talks about the Chicago conspiracy trial, the Weathermen and the dangers that face him.



Black Revolutionary-George Jackson

91 mins.

This documentary recounts the extraordinary life of George Jackson, who like the Angola 3, became an influential member of the BPP while in prison.  In 1970 he was accused of killing a prison guard and placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day where he managed to read hundreds of books and write two books “Blood in my Eye” and “Soledad Brother” that were both international best sellers. He was assassinated in 1971 for allegedly trying to escape. The film also covers his funeral proceedings.

Q&A with May Jackson & Thomas “Blood” McCeary (BPP New York State Chapter)