The Exeriment: Potraits

Saturday, April 3rd, 7:30pm

‘The Experiment’ is a quarterly screening event dedicated to the relationship between experimental and documentary modes of cinema. Our last screening explored the political film with work from Jem Cohen, Deborah Stratman, and Leslie Thornton. This time around, we have assembled a diverse collection of films and videos , from both established and emerging artists, to explore the concept of portraiture in film. This two-floor event will showcase works both in a tradtional theater setting as well as through gallery-style film and video installations. A by donation bar will be open the entire evening.

Cinema: Albert Maysles - Orson Welles, Ben Rivers - Origin of the Species, Naren Wilks - Bridgee Study,Kelly Spivey - Make Them Jump, Paolo Gioli - Filmmarylin, Stan Brackage - I ... Dreaming, Seth Fragomen - Seance, Robert Todd - Stable.

Downstairs Gallery: Seoungho Cho - W.S. 1-3, Marie Losier - Bird, Bath & Beyond, David Baker - AB OVO, Greg Vanderveer - Albert Maysles, Sean Berman - Self-Portrait, Peter Buntaine - Bushwick, Lorenzo Gattorna - Orkin, & more to be announced.