Muhammad & Larry

Saturday, April 17th, 7:00pm

Dirs. Albert Maysles & Bradley Kaplan (2009) 52 min.

Muhammad and Larry explores the unique and poignant relationship between two great boxers and two remarkable men who were more than just competitors. They were once teacher and student, and remain close friends. Muhammad and Larry combines never before seen footage of Ali and Holmes in the lead-up to their 1981 bout with reflective conversations with boxing experts, luminaries, and those who were at the fight.

Q & A with Albert Maysles & Bradley Kaplan


Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

Saturday, April 17th, 4:45pm

Dir. William Klein (1969) 104 minutes

"If people started identifying with Cassius there'd be Negroes running around everywhere saying, 'I am the greatest.' " - Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

Photographer William Klein focuses on the Ali, the media impresario, in material he shot in 1964 plus footage shot in Zaire in 1974 when Ali fought George Foreman. 

Video Message from William Klein