The Girl Bumo Lhais

Rigdan Gyamtso, 2005, 25 min. 

Director’s first work. Lhari is a young bride sent to a country village to live with her in-laws, who increasingly use her as a servant and even lock her out at night, with even her husband not daring to intervene. Lhari decides to find her own, quintessentially Tibetan solution to her situation.

In Tibetan with English Subtitles

Panel discussion with both filmmakers and reception to follow



The Silent Holy Stones

Padma Tseten, 2005, 102 min. 

Director’s first feature. The debut feature from the preeminent Tibetan filmmaker working today. The Silent Holy Stones is a restrained, unhurried story of a 10-year old Tibetan monk who has the chance to spend a few days at New Year with his family in their village a day’s horse ride away. The boy’s journey to his village and back to the monastery bring to light explores the powerful intertwined forces of westernization and consumerism that are a powerful presence even in a small Tibetan farming community on a 10-year old boy in China who is sent by his family to train as a Buddhist monk.

In Tibetan with English Subtitles

Q & A with filmmaker to follow