Harlem Homegrown and LJ Entertainment Present: “The Best of Master Rob”

Dir. Lamont Jackson & Elvis Blount (unreleased, 60 min).

“Master” Rob Hockett was a notorious legend at Rucker Park from the late 80s all the way through the mid 90s. He has been described as a basketball DJ, because of his signature move where he would put the spin on various defenders by placing his left hand above their head and then dribbling the ball around their back with the other hand, inevitably tripping them up. Master Rob was also dangerous with his mid-range shots and reverse layups making it no wonder that half of Harlem would flock to see him during his prime years on the playground. “The Best of Master Rob,” an action packed highlight dvd, is premiering at the Maysles Cinema, and shows you what this playground legend is made of.

Q&A with dir. Lamont Jackson and “Master” Rob Hockett and Reception sponsored by Sugar Hill Ale!