FREE LYNNE STEWART! Screening, Discussion, Call to Action

A portion of the proceeds go to Lynne Stewart’s defense fund.


Lynne Stewart - An American Story

Dir. Francis Van Den Heuvel (2009) 78 min.

Lynne Stewart has served tirelessly as a defense attorney for those who have had the greatest difficulty obtaining adequate representation - indigent and working class New Yorkers as well as controversial and sometimes unpopular figures who are up against powerful interests. In 2005, Lynne Stewart found herself in the position of defendant, at the center of the Bush administration’s attack on the American justice system in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Her case brought into question strongly held judicial traditions like habeas corpus and the right of a defendant to have adequate legal counsel. Her conviction (originally two years, re-sentenced to ten years) has far reaching implications for the legal rights and freedom of speech of all Americans. While the film provides a detailed account of her case, the discussion to follow will provide an update and call to action around her current situation. Stewart, in her early seventies with health concerns, was recently denied a request to be moved from a facility in Texas to one in Connecticut in order to be closer to friends and family. At a time when this remarkable woman ought to be surrounded by family and celebrated by all for her contributions to the movement for social justice, she is instead engaged in a struggle for her life.


After the Movie:

Discussion with Ralph Poynter (Retired Private Investigator, Lynne’s partner and soulmate), Brenna Stewart (Lawyer, Lynne and Ralph’s daughter) Ramsay Clarke (former US Attorney General), Colia Clark (Green Party Candidate for US Senate, NY Seat), Betty Davis (co-founder of New Abolitionist Movement), Lisa Davis (Take Back WBAI committee), and many other friends and supporters of Lynne Stewart.