Katrina: Five Years Later Trouble the Water

Dir. Carl Deal and Tia Lessin, 2008, 90 min.

Academy Award-nominated "Trouble the Water" tells a story of one extraordinary family's survival of the flooding of New Orleans after Katrina, and their journey into a new life. Time Magazine's Richard Corliss called it "[A]n endlessly moving, artlessly magnificent tribute to people the government didn't think worth saving." Directed and produced by Fahrenheit 9/11 producers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal and executive produced by Danny Glover, "Trouble the Water" won the 2008 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and was named one of the top ten films of 2008 by critics at Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker.

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Dir. Naftali Beane Rutter, 2010, 70 mins.

Today is the only film of its kind, the true story of one day in the life of three families in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina. Stylistically bold, each scene shot with gripping intimacy, this film is about far more than just New Orleans. In the heroism of Robert McPeek, a policeman patrolling the crime ridden city, in the struggle of Alice and Lewis Blaise to catch just one fish to feed their children, in the tragic life passions of young Angelo Stanich Jr.--amidst three fascinating families and their prayers, songs, fights, laughter, and love, Today is the story of a day in the life of America, in all of its beautiful, disturbing, hilarious glory.


Q&A with dir. Naftali Beane Rutter