Country Rap: The Gulf States (Texas)

Every Day is TRAE DAY

In 2008, the mayor of Houston, Bill White, awarded Trae with his own day, Trae Day (July 22), in honor of his outstanding work within the community. Trae Day is marked with an all ages free outdoor concert with back to school gear distributed to young people. The 2009 celebration was marred by gun violence and a radio host of 97.9 the Box blamed Trae’s lyrics for inciting the violence. After Trae dissed the host on a mixtape, his music was banned from play on the Box, the only commercial Hip Hop station in H-Town. 2010 has been a crazy year for Trae - his suit against the station and their countersuit, firings of station DJ’s who played his music, and town hall meetings in the 3rd ward to build grassroots criticism of corporate media. Oh, and Trae Day 2010. This night is devoted to all things Trae - the drama, the legal issues, the good work, and of course the music - told through concert footage, news reports, a special video from REL, and TRAE’s own cartoons.


Screw News: The Latest from Texas.

Welcome home Grace pts 1 &2 (11 min.)

Deeper than Rap: Rick Ross visits Houston (11 Min.)

Drops from Bun B, Z-Ro & Lupe Fiasco