Opening Night: "1st Annual NYC Revolutionary Latino Film Festival" In Celebration Of The 82nd Birthday Of Dr. Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Featuring The Internationally Award Winning Film Written & Directed By Vagabond, El Machetero.


El Che

Dir. Aníbal Di Salvo & Maurice Dugowson, 1997, 83 min.

Documentary that retraces Guevara's life and political career, beginning with his youth in 1950's Argentina, when he set out on the road, writing travel diaries, poetry, and stories. His wanderings through the Andes, Patagonia, Peru, and the Chilean desert informed his identity not as a citizen of one nation but as a Latin American. Following his medical studies, he left Argentina forever, dedicating his life to fighting imperialism, poverty, and social injustice throughout the continent. 


El Machetero

Dir. Vagabond, 2010

Post 9/11 definitions, ideas and notions of terrorism are challenged in this controversial film. French journalist Jean Dumont (Isaach de Bankolé) interviews Pedro Taino (Not4Prophet) a “Puerto Rican Terrorist" in prison. Pedro is a self-described Machetero fighting to free a colonized Puerto Rico from the United States. Jean questions Pedro about his decision to use violence to achieve that freedom. As they speak, a ghetto youth (Kelvin Fernandez) trapped in a cycle of violence, is encouraged by Pedro and a mentor (Dylcia Pagan) from his childhood in Puerto Rico to become the next generation of Machetero. The film is structured around songs from the album, “Liberation Day” by RICANSTRUCTION and interwoven into the film as a narrative voice. RICANSTRUCTION also provides an original improvised score.


Praise for Machetero: 

"Machetero is riveting! A great film with a passionate statement, well written dialogue and strong music by Ricanstruction" - Chuck D, MC of Public Enemy


"Finally a badddasss movie with the courage to produce a really alive and resurgent revolutionary DIY message from the unconquerable urban jibaro Underground spirit. This movie is a prescripton for doing the Impossible. What a breath of fresh puerto rican beach air in these stank neoliberal US imperial times! You can smell the thick sweet scent of insurgent Libertad! A must see. No really, a MUST see" - Ashanti Alston, former Black Panther/BLA/political prisoner


“A powerful piece of filmmaking.” - Sam Greenlee, author of The Spook Who Sat By The Door


Immediately followed by a very special panel discussion and Q & A with writer, producer and director of Machetero- Vagabond, Former 20 year Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Dylcia Pagan, and other representatives from the Cuban Mission, Cuba Solidarity & the Puerto Rican Independence Movement.