Keeling’s Caribbean Showcase

7:30 pm

The Best of Shabba @ Showdown

Shabba performing at the height of his Grammy Award-winning career, working the crowd at Jamaica’s famous club, Showdown, with his raunchy and humorous vocals. Also featuring performances from top dancehall artists Ninja Man, Papa San, Junior Demus, Risto Benjie and more.

8:30 pm

Smile Orange

Dir. Trevor Rhone (1976) 86 min.

Smile Orange makes satire of the exploitative tourist trade in '70s Jamaica. From The New York Times: “The tourist is funny and crass; the native who serves and exploits him is crass and funny.” Carl Bradshaw (Harder They Come, No Place Like Home) stars as Ringo, a hotel worker who has mastered the art of “getting over” - he sleeps with the guests, cons tourists and imparts dark advice to his younger co-worker: “If you’re a black man and won’t play a part you’re going to starve to death.” Beneath the humor lies serious commentary on the complex negotiations of black male subjectivity in post-colonial Jamaica.