In Celebration of Black History Month: Liberators

Dir. William Miles, 1992, 90 min.

The unknown story of African-American battalions, focusing on the heroic actions of the 761st, which spearheaded General Patton's Third Army and helped liberate concentration camps in the second World War. This powerful film vividly records the experiences of the soldiers, who were utterly unprepared for the atrocities they witnessed, as well as the astonishment of the camp inmates - some of whom had never seen a black person before. Liberators bear witness to the courage of Holocaust survivors and the heroism of men who were forced to fight on two fronts - battling racism at home as they fought for their country overseas.

In Conversation: Filmmakers Nina Rosenblum & William Miles with Sergeant William McBurney, 761st Tank Battalion

Panel Discussion: Nina Rosenblum, William Miles & William McBurney (Sergeant, 761st)