Faux Real (Truth Telling in Narrative Film): Nueba Yol 

Angel Muniz, 1995, 120 min.

This tragic-comic chronicle of an immigrant's struggle to make a new life in New York City has been considered a cult classic since it first came out. Amiable, big-hearted Balbuena, grieving over the recent demise of his much-loved wife, decides he needs a change and so listens to the exciting pie-in-the-sky talk of his buddy Fellito who suggest that Balbuena leave the Dominican Republic and move to Nueba Yol (the Big Apple). The widower goes up and stays with his cousin's family. Instead of finding a better life there he finds himself surrounded by grayness, uncaring bustle and society's grime. The prospect of easy money Fellito raved about is nonexistent for an illegal alien such as himself. Instead, he finds only the most menial, lowest paying jobs available to him. Balbuena finally meets a nice woman, but ironically, she is planning to return to the Dominican Republic.