Docs on Nukes: Nuclear Narratives through the art of film

Sunday, May 9th 5pm

The People's Choice

Selected by Kathleen Sullivan, in celebration of Mothers Day.

Docs on Nukes — nuclear narratives through the art of film

Witness to Hiroshima

Dir. Kathy Sloane (2010) 16 min.

Japanese citizen Keiji Tsuchiya, using his 12 powerful watercolors, recounts his experiences in Hiroshima as a 17-year-old soldier immediately following the dropping of the atomic bomb, and relates those experiences to his subsequent life-long commitment to saving the Japanese horseshoe crab and its habitat.

And Special Sneak Preview:

Atomic Mom. 

Dir. M.T. Silvia (2010) 87 min.

Atomic Mom is a documentary about two women, both mothers, who have opposite experiences of the atomic bomb. After decades of silence, a daughter's quest for truth leads to the exchange of an olive branch between an American Scientist and a Hiroshima Survivor.

Post screening panel discussion with filmmakers, Kathy Sloane and M.T. Silvia and Kathleen Sullivan, PhD, Program Director of Hibakusha Stories.

Bring your mom, bring your friends, bring your anti-nuclear family.