An Immigrant Heritage Week Screening

Wednesday, April 21st, 7:30pm

Media Matters Presents: 

An Immigrant Heritage Week Screening

By-Standing: The Beginning of an American Lifetime

Dir. Karen Lin, 2007, 5 min.

Kelly Tsai speaks truth to power as she raises her voice against war and complacency.


Vision Test

Dir. Wes Kim, 2003, 6 min.

Vision Test is a satire highlighting issues of race, gender and stereotypes based on a study of racial bias conducted by The Committee of 100.


Dir. Richard Levien, 2009, 12 min.

Moises, a ten-year-old student, struggles to communicate in his new school with limited access to his native language.


15 min. discussion on "American Identity"


Exiled in America

Dir. Angela Torres Camarena, 2009, 9 min.

Five siblings struggle to support their American livelihoods after their mother is deported to Mexico.

The Sixth Section

Dir. Alex Rivera, 2004, 8 min.

During the cold winters of upstate New York, a group of immigrants work together to give back to their hometown of Boqueron, Mexico.

Slip of the Tongue

Dir. Karen Lum, 2006, 4 min. 

"What's your ethnic makeup? A young man makes a pass at a beautiful stranger and gets an eye-opening schooling on race and gender.


10 min. Action Break on "Immigration Reform"


10 min. Intermission

A Nomad’s Life

Dirs. Lynn True and Nelson Walker, 2008, 9 min. 

A young Tibetan family questions whether their nomadic traditions can survive against the challenges of a rapidly modernizing world.

African Underground: Hip Hop in Senegal

Dirs. Magee McIlvaine, Ben Herson, and Chris Moore, 2008, 6 min.

Step into the African Underground and listen as a new voice inspired by religion, politics, Hip Hop and Senagalese culture.


Why Do White People Have Black Spots?

Dir. Anya Kandel, 2009, 6 min. 

Youth in Ghana pose questions to people outside of their borders and spark an ongoing dialogue through film.

The Next Wave

Dirs. Jennifer Redfearn and Tim Metzger, 2009, 8 min.

The Carteret islanders struggle to relocate as some of the world's first climate change refugees.


20 min. Discussion on "Social Media and It's Impact"