Jacques Rivette – The Night Watchman (Jacques Rivette - Le veilleur)

FILM-ON-FILM Programmed by Miriam Bale

Dir. Claire Denis in collaboration with Serge Daney, 1990, France, 125 mins.

In this superb introduction to Rivette's work, commissioned for the magnificent Cinéma, de notre temps series, Denis (his one-time assistant director) & the great film critic Daney question him in a variety of quintessentially Parisian locales. Interspersed with clips from his films, the eloquent filmmaker discusses mise en scène, art & ethics, the early days of the French New Wave & working with actors. This exploration takes place in two parts "The Day" & "The Night" revealing a multifaceted, fascinating & articulate artist. With cinematography by Denis regular Agnès Godard & featuring actors Bulle Ogier, Jean Babilée & Jean-François Stévenin.