Docwatchers Presents: Unnatural Causes

Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

"Place Matters", 29 min.

Why is your address such a predictor of your health?

"Collateral Damage", 29 min.

How do Marshall Islanders pay for globalization and U.S. military policy with their health?

"Not Just A Paycheck", 30 min.

Why do layoffs take such a huge toll in Michigan but cause hardly a ripple in Sweden?

Docwatchers Presents: An Evening of 100% Free Harlem Made Shorts

A Harlem Mother

Ivana Todorovic, 2009, 11 min.

This documentary short packs a whopper of a punch, one mother's tragedy leads to a coalition of mothers taking action.


Shani Peters, 2008, 20 min.

Through both manual and digital collage, Peters combines mediated visuals of black political icons and fictional media characters within a single video and inserts conversations initiated by these icons of a racially divided past into a contemporary pop culture discussion.

 Bronx Princess

Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed, 2008, 38 min.

Bronx Princess follows headstrong 17-year-old teenager Rocky's journey as she leaves behind her mother in New York City to reunite with her father, a chief in Ghana, West Africa. Filmed over the tumultuous summer between high-school and college, Bronx Princess tells Rocky's coming-of-age story. By confronting her immigrant parents' ideas of adulthood, Rocky reconciles her African heritage with her dream of independence.

 The directors of all three films will be available for Q&A following the screening.