The Day After Peace

Dir. Jeremy Gilley (2008) 82 min

Can one person make the world stop all war for one day? Jeremy Gilley, a British former child actor thinks to himself, what if the world stopped fighting for just one day? A day of peace! Then he starts to make a film about himself and his mission - global ceasefire. The result is an international action/adventure documentary (for peace) made with a budget like Indiana Jones (non-profit money and product placement is big business). His movie is his life as it unfolds for 10 years. Takes his idea all the way to the UN and gets every country to agree that September 21st will be a day without war. September 11th, 2001, Kofi Annan is getting ready to ring the bell of peace at the UN building . . . This movie is wild. Angelina Jolie is in it, the real Angelina Jolie. This movie is like Peace itself - you're skeptical but you know you want to see it.

Discussion led by Albert and Philip Maysles