Getting Out

David Bagnall and George C. Stoney, 2005, 58 minutes

F.R.E.E. Film Forum

A documentary film by David Bagnall and George Stoney featuring current inmates from New York's Sing Sing Correctional Facility as well as former inmates attempting to reestablish their lives after years of incarceration. Inspired by the Rehabilitation Through the Arts theater workshop program at Sing Sing, the film examines the importance of creativity and artistic expression both inside and outside the prison walls.

 "There are two and a quarter million people behind bars in the U.S. About 600,000 are due for release in the next 12 months, most of them with no preparation for what awaits them on the outside. It isn't surprising that more than half will be behind bars again within another year — back to the only security they know."

Details for East Harlem Screenings

Women of Color Productions, Inc. Human Rights Series Presents A Marathon of Films Celebrating The 40th Anniversary of the Panthers 21 and Young Lords and Community Activism,

Julia De Burgos Latina Cultural Center

 1680 Lexington Ave

(corner of 106th street)

New York, NY 10029

 Suggested donation: $10 donation per time slot

$20 donation for the entire day

(No one will be turned away)

Featured film 8:30am-9:30am Complimentary Continental Breakfast and the film at 9:30am"All Power To The People: The Black Panther Party & Beyond, 11:45am screening “El Pueblo se Levanta: The People, Are Rising”, 1pm screening “Passin It On: The Black Panthers Search For Justice”, 2:50pm screening "Palante Siempre Palante: The Young Lords Party” $10 donation suggested per time slot or $20 donation for entire day. No one will be turned away. For entire schedule, please log onto.

For questions, please contact

Jacqueline Wade, Curator and Coordinator at

 212-479-7916 or

Details for CUNY Panther 21 Tribute

"Media/Press/Photo & Video Interview Luncheon For The Panther 21"

@ The Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community & Student Center @ City College

Room 3-201 - (NAC Building)

W.137th Street (btw. Amsterdam & Convent Aves.)

Harlem, New York

(212) 650-5008 or Panthershepcat@aol.comDOORS OPEN: "Networking, Vending, Food & Book Signing"

In the lobby of either The NAC Building's "Grand Ballroom" or The NAC Building's 0-201 "Great Lecture Hall"

(NAC Building Location) - TBA


"The 40th Anniversary Reunion & Tribute To The Panther 21"

On The Harlem Campus Of The City College Of New York (CCNY-CUNY)

Exact Campus Location Space - (TBA)


City College Tribute Program Schedule:


4:00pm- Welcome & Please Be Seated (Host/MC- TBA)

4:10pm- Libations & Drum Call For The Fallen Panther Comrades (Panther Veterans Sis. Njinga & Bro. Shep)

4:25pm- Spoken Word By Sis. Indigo & The Healing Drum Collective

4:30pm- Maroon Society Performance

4:45pm- Impact Performance

5:00pm- Rebel Diaz Performance

5:15pm- Panther 21 & Sundiata Acoli Film Preview Screenings

6:00pm- Straight Out Of Harlem "Live With Herb Boyd"- Stage Interview With "Fieldup Productions & The Panther 21"

6:30pm- Offerings & Donations For The Political Prisoners (TBA)

6:45pm- Intermission

7:00pm- Panther 21 Reunion & Tribute Ceremony (Black Panther Cubs)

8:00pm- Program Ends


Panther 21 Tribute Contacts

BJ & Shep At: (212) 650-5008 or &

Panthers and Lords: In Unity and Struggle

Screenings, Performances & Reunion Party at 3 Harlem Locations:


1) 8:30 am - 4pm: Women of Color Productions Human Rights Series Presents: Film Tribute to the Young Lords & Panther 21

@ Julia De Burgos Cultural Center, 1680 Lexington, cor. 106th

(For Full Schedule:


2) 4-8 pm: “40th Anniversary Tribute To The NY Panther 21”

@ City College of New York, Harlem Campus (free admission)

(For Details:


3) 8:15 pm: Screening of "Wrack 21 / A Power Sun" (40 min. excerpt)

9:00 pm: Dinner Reception & After Party For The Panther 21

@ Maysles Cinema (343 Malcolm X. Blvd, bet. 127 & 128 sts)

“Palante Siempre Palante: The Young Lords Party”

(1996) 48 min.

This award winning film by former Young Lords Party member Iris Morales, highlights the history of the revolutionary organization from its origins in Chicago & East Harlem through its expansion into Puerto Rico and its ultimate destruction by the FBI’s illegal COINTELPRO actions.

Panel Discussion: Original Young Lords Iris Morales, Carlito Rovira, Martha Aguello & moderated by Sofia Gallisa

“Passin It On: Black Panthers Search For Justice”

(1993) 102 min.

The story of Panther leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad and the governments attack on the New York State Chapter of the Black Panther Party. This film highlights Dhoruba’s involvement as a defendant in the N.Y. Panther 21 Conspiracy Trial and; the illegal FBI-NYPD’s COINTELPRO frameup of Dhoruba which ultimately led to his unjustly serving over 19 years as a Panther/BLA Political Prisoner.


Panel Discussion: Dhoruba Bin Wahad & Jamal Joseph, Attorneys Robert Boyle & Liz Fink, Bro. Tiyari & Moderator: TJ Whittaker

'69: It's Goin' Down - Manson

Robert Hendrickson and Laurence Merrick, 1973, 83 mins. 

A documentary on Charles Manson and his family. Has a number of insightful interviews with many family members most notably Squeaky and Sandy (Blue and Red). There is also a history of Manson from his birth to the family formation to the Tate/La Bianca murders.

Hosted by Mr. Mickey

Q&A with Director Michael Almereyda and Curator Livia Bloom

Panther and Lords: In Unity and Struggle

“All Power To The People: The BPP & Beyond”, Dir. Lee Lew Lee (1996) 115 min.

Original Panther Lee Lew Lee examines the recent history of the radical left inside of the U.S., with a special emphasis on the U.S. Goverments racist and illegal COINTELPRO attacks on the Black/Latino/Native American community in general and the Black Panther Party in particular.

Panel Discussion: Black Panthers, Young Lords & BLA Members and moderated by Miles Rijper

Documentaries in Bloom: Paradise

Michael Almereyda, 2009, 122 min.

"Michael Almereyda’s Paradise is essentially a series of home movies, but home movies of a very high order. Resembling a Chris Markerfilm essay without the narration, the rigorous structure and the intellectual jokes, “Paradise” comprises 44 discrete scenes. They were culled from digital video footage Mr. Almereyda shot over the course of 10 years during which he nearly always carried a camera with him. Aside from music at the beginning and end, only ambient sounds and voices are heard. Although it lacks most of the usual devices that indicate a director’s point of view, it’s hard to imagine a more personal film."- Mike Hale, The New York Times

“The Murder Of Fred Hampton”

Dir. Howard Alk & Mike Gray, 1971, 88 min.

The FBI/Police assassinated Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton & Mark Clark in a pre-dawn raid on December 4th, 1969. This film documents the scene of the crime and also includes original footage of Fred Hampton speeches and activities of The Black Panther Party in Chicago.

"Video Message from the families of Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton & Captain Mark Clark"


Panel Discussion: Original Black Panthers Cyril “Bullwhip” Innis & Sadiki “Bro. Shep” Ojore Olugbala, Panther Cub Sala Cyril & Moderated by Monifa Bandele of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Panthers & Lords: In Unity & Struggle

Films, Panels and Reunion Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Harlem’s Young Lords & “The New York Panther 21”


Suggested Admission: 10.00* (No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

*Proceeds Benefit: The SafiyaNuh Foundation's Political Prisoner Projects

*Ran for 9 days


lot 63, grave C

Dir. Sam Green, 10 mins.

A murder took place at the the Rolling Stones’ 1969 concert at the Altamont Speedway outside of San Francisco. It was famously documented on film. Yet the life of Meredith Hunter, the 18 year old victim,  remains socially invisible.  Sam Green uses this tragic event to contemplate the powers that shape public memory along the lines of race and class, in life and death. 

RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Directed by Brett Gaylor, 2009, 80 min

In RiP: A remix manifesto, Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers. The film’s central protagonist is Girl Talk, a mash-up musician topping the charts with his sample-based songs. But is Girl Talk a paragon of people power or the Pied Piper of piracy? Creative Commons founder, Lawrence Lessig, Brazil’s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow are also along for the ride. A participatory media experiment, from day one, Brett shares his raw footage at, for anyone to remix. This movie-as-mash-up method allows these remixes to become an integral part of the film. With RiP: A remix manifesto, Gaylor and Girl Talk sound an urgent alarm and draw the lines of battle.

 Panel Discussion to follow