The 8th Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival

Saturday, September 24th, 4:00pm

41st and Central: The Untold Story of the L.A. Black Panthers

Gregory Everett, 2010, 120 min.

The first part in a documentary series following the Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party from its Black Power beginnings through to its tragic demise, this film contains interviews with former Black Panther Party members along with archival footage detailing the history of racism in Los Angeles, including the Watt’s uprising from the perspective of the participants who engaged with the LAPD. 41st & Central also gives the viewer an eyewitness account of Bunchy and John Huggins's murders at UCLA in 1968.





Saturday, September 24th, 7:00pm

George Jackson: Releasing the Dragon Mixtape

Bashi Rose & Jared Ball, 2015, 63 min.

Composed of a collage of archival footage, recorded interviews, and musical and spoken word performances by a range of artists from from jazz drummer Billy Kilson to Tim Hicks of the Cornel West Theory and poet Umar bin Hassan, this tribute to George Jackson weaves a tapestry of black activist art spanning three generations.