Francophone Shorts
program 2 


December 1st at 4:30pm : Program 2 (116 min)

Uptown Flicks and Lucie Chabrol, with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie & the Consulate General of Switzerland, present 2 days of Francophone Shorts at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem.

Les Misérables
Ladj Ly, France 15 min
With a gun at his belt and a truncheon in his hand, Pento has just joined the Seine-Saint-Denis anti-crime brigade. With his teammates, he develops specific methods.

Dem dem!
Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia and Christophe Rolin, Senegal, 26 min
A Senegalese fisherman finds a Belgian passport on a beach in Dakar and decides to use it. He soon crosses paths with N’Zibou, a wise man who measures the clouds and questions the man about his search for identity.

François Bierry, Belgium, 21 min
Serge and his four colleagues work in a small company that has just been brought out by a large corporation. As a welcoming gift, they are invited by their new employer to spend a day of relaxation at a spa.

Le Fil d’Ariane
Claude Luyet, Switzerland, 13 min
Ariane is playing with a ball. She is interrupted, as her mother calls her inside. She loses her ball, along with her childhood. The 20th century and Ariadne's life plays out on her balcony. As Ariadne nears the end of her life, she regains her lost childhood.

Le Scénariste
François Paquay, Belgium, 25 min
To finish his script, Jonas accepts to work with the talented scriptwriter Jean Loubric, whom he is putting up at his home. This arrangement is not at all to the liking of his wife.

Une Place dans l’avion
Khadidiatou Sow, Senegal, 16 min
Moussa, who has always dreamt of leaving Senegal, joins the stampede to get on a special plane to the US.