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African Film Festival Inc: The Prophetess & Between God & I

  • Maysles Documentary Center 343 Malcolm X Boulevard New York (map)
between god and i.png

Sylvie Weber (DR Congo), 2018, 22m
The Prophetess is a story of overcoming struggle through gumption and sisterhood. Furaha and Venantie have survived physical and psychological traumas we could never imagine. Set in the South Kivu region in the DR Congo, the pair has experienced horrific sexual terrorism by the FDLR militia, yet in each other they find the strength to make a change and tell their own stories, devoid of societal pressures. Their strength is so great, it empowers their entire female community to set out for a different future. Contemporaneously, the mythical story of Kimpa Vita plays out – the mother of a revolution, who stood and suffered for all women in her fight against patriarchy and colonialism.

Yara Costa (Mozambique), 2018, 59min 
Karen is an independent, young Muslim woman who advocates for Sharia on the diverse island of Mozambique, but is filled with doubts and contradictions about her identity and the community she lives in. Within this historical multicultural island with deeply rooted traditions, a moderate Islam has harmoniously coexisted with other religions. But Karen’s “pure Islam” doesn’t tolerate the old cultural practices and traditions. Through an intimate glimpse of Karen’s life, Between God & I, sheds light onto the humanity of young women who are making radical religious choices and its implications in a broader context of religious conflicts.

Q&A with filmmaker Yara Costa moderated by Sinat Giwa of OkayAfrica