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BPPFF11: Every Mother’s Son


Tami Gold & Kelly Anderson, 2004, 60 min.

Iris Baez, a Puerto Rican from the Bronx, never meant to become an activist. Kadiatou Diallo never meant to leave her home in Africa and move to the U.S., to fight for justice for her son. Doris Busch Boskey, a Jewish woman from the suburbs, never thought she'd become a spokesperson against police brutality. This film profiles three women from very different walks of life who find themselves united to seek justice after their sons are unjustly killed by police. Their stories are tragic, but their courage is transformative. 

Panel discussion with filmmaker, Tami Gold


11th Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival 
Presented by the NY Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee
Dedicated to #7 of Black Panther Party 10 Point Program: “We want an immediate end to Police brutality.

Every night The 10 Point Program and Over 800 Years In Captivity will be shown.