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BPPFF11: Legacy Spirit of the Black Panthers


Legacy Spirit of the Black Panthers
Jermaine Thomas, 55 min. 2016

“The Black Panthers were recognized as a radical organization. The truth is they were Service driven and Legacy shows that. Through Interviews with Charlotte & Pete O'Neil and Archival Footage, Legacy tells the story of how The Panthers provided schools, breakfast programs, health clinics and food pantries for the needy. The Panthers still have that Spirit of Service today. All Power to the People!”

-Jermaine Thomas

Anthony Ricco: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Jamal Joseph, 2019

An Attorney speaks on on the subject of the Death Penalty as an instrument of evil by the state.

Panel discussion with filmmaker, Jamal Joseph

Lords of the Revolution
VH1, 2009, 60 min

In the 60s, there were few radical groups more controversial that The Black Panthers. Led by the dynamic personalities of Bobby Seale, Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver, the Panthers boldly challenged white America to deliver justice and opportunity for all. Armed with guns and clad with berets and leather jackets, the Panthers advocated self-defense; initiated social service programs nationwide; and became a defiant symbol of Black Power. They also become a target as the FBI and police waged a bloody war to bring the party down. 

A Revolutionary Act
Lisa Russell, 2019, 20 minute live performance

A Revolutionary Act is an award-winning feature-length script, currently in development, by Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell Based on the life and words of Pete O'Neal, (former Founder and Chairman of the Kansas City Chapter of the Black Panther Party who has been exiled in Tanzania for the past 50 years), A Revolutionary Act takes place within a fictionalized U.S. Truth and Reconciliation Commission for black nationalist leaders of the 1960s and 1970s.  As Pete stands before the Commission, hoping for a Presidential pardon that will set a legal precedent to help free all other political prisoners, he reminisces about his life's greatest achievements and greatest regrets.

11th Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival 
Presented by the NY Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee
Dedicated to #7 of Black Panther Party 10 Point Program: “We want an immediate end to Police brutality.

Every night The 10 Point Program and Over 800 Years In Captivity will be shown.