10 years, 10 filmmakers

10 For 10 is a video series celebrating 10 years of Maysles Cinema.
We put 10 documentary filmmakers on the other side of the camera to talk about nonfiction film and the Maysles’ legacy. These filmmakers have taken different approaches to documentary film and together demonstrate the far-reaching power of the medium to inspire dialogue and action. Each is an invaluable member of the Maysles community, and we are excited and honored to share their stories as we release an exclusive interview each week.

Celebrating maysles cinema

In 2008 the Maysles Cinema came together around a small group of people passionate about documentaries. The Maysles family, friends, neighbors, and filmmakers would gather on fold out chairs to spend time watching and talking about nonfiction film. As they connected in our intimate theatre, we became a home for documentaries and a vibrant arts community.
Over the years, our role began to expand. Award-winning filmmakers wanted to engage with the cinema’s dedicated audience, annual film festivals began collaborating with the cinema, and institutional partnerships were formed with other organizations in Harlem.
Still run by a small crew, the Maysles Cinema continues to grow. Recently upgraded with a new projector, Dolby surround sound, and DCP capabilities, the 51 seat-cinema enables films to qualify for the Oscars. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we hope to keep bringing communities together through documentary film!


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