The Maysles Cinema seeks students with practical graphic design knowledge to present information about events through poster and flyer design, using the visual riches of the films exhibited at the theater to cultivate an expanded, non-traditional audience for documentary and independent film.

At the Maysles Cinema, our print materials are key to meeting the challenge of developing a diverse, lively audience for documentary film across boundaries of race, class, gender and generation. We at Maysles take an “old-school” approach to our visual marketing, designing posters for various films and festivals that function as unique visual works of art in their own right, much as movie posters did in the past. We value originality of approach and consider the designed materials to be an element of our collaborative curatorial process with all the latitude for freedom of expression and proper acknowledgement this implies. The promotional materials produced by these young artists will be showcased in mini-exhibits or become permanent fixtures of the space itself.

Key Responsibilities:

- Conceptualize and Design promotional materials in the form of posters, flyers, web materials, calendars, paintings, photos etc. as promotional works of art to be placed on display at the cinema


- Practical graphic design experience (firm understanding of InDesign/Photoshop and Illustrator)
- Comfort in and with various graphic design formats
- Ability to work with diverse source material
- Ability to appeal to a varied audience with a solid understanding of community outreach
To be considered, please submit the following materials to with subject heading

• Cover letter in the form of a personal statement of no more than 500 words, explaining why you would like to take part in the internship program and telling us about yourself, your interests, concerns, amd ideas.
• Your resume – include a list of relevant skill sets
• A sample of your graphic design work

Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged. Interviews for finalists will be set up after the above materials have been received and evaluated.