Faux Real: Truth-telling in Narrative Film- The Sweet Smell of Success

Dir. Alexander Mackendrick, 1957, 96 min.

Tyrannical gossip columnist J.J. Hunsceker  (Burt Lancaster) rules the roost amidst New York City’s mid-century fame game. Sidney Falco, played by the late, great Tony Curtis (1925-2010), is Hunsceker’s sidekick as well as a hustling publicist consumed by desperate ambition. Hunsceker is determined to prevent his sister from marrying Steve Dallas, a jazz musician, and employs Falco to break up the affair by any means necessary. One of the most real films the Hollywood machine ever churned out.

Faux Real: Truth-telling in Narrative Film Nothing But a Man

Dir. Michael Roemer, 1964, 92 min.

A landmark independent film, Nothing but a Man is the first dramatic story featuring a largely black cast created for an integrated audience (the work of black filmmakers such as Oscar Micheaux was intended for audiences who patronized black-only theaters). White filmmakers Michael Roemer and Robert M. Young traveled through the South in 1962 in search of ideas for a fiction feature set during the growing turbulence of the civil rights era. Their story, based in Alabama but shot in southern New Jersey, is only tangentially related to the movement toward equality. Duff, an itinerant black railroad laborer (Ivan Dixon), romances and marries Josie, a small-town preacher's daughter (Abbey Lincoln). Duff insists on being treated with respect, but his stance is personal rather than political. After he settles down in the town with Josie, he comes up against white bosses who want to make sure he knows his place and black men such as Josie's father who don't want to rock the boat for fear of losing what little advantage they have. Duff's relationship with his own father, Julius Harris, a broken-down drunk living in Birmingham, teaches him valuable lessons about dignity and self-worth. ~Tom Wiener, All Movie Guide

Faux Real Presents: (Truth Telling In Narrative Film)


I am Billy Joel

Dir. Nicholas Daniele (2009) 5 min.

Audio from an early Billy Joel interview and video shot in the rainy streets of Harlem and Hell's Kitchen combine to reveal a lesser known side of the artist.

 EARTHMEN …From Outer Space!

Dir. Nicholas Daniele (2010) 7 min.

It is the year 3012, humans have been pushed to the brink of extinction, two renegades are sent back in time to save the earth from itself.

Entre Luz y Sol (Betweeen Light and Sun)

Dir. Kevin Lopez (2005) 15 min.

An excerpt from Kevin Lopez’ award-winning documentary about Cuba. This film, which was partly funded by the Miramax Minority Scholarship Fund, explores the current social effects of tourism on Cuban society.

Winner Best Short Documentary at Sin Fronteras Film Festival, Albuquerque, NM and Dead Center Film Festival, Oklahoma City, OK.

Keep It Movin'

Dir. Anthony Sylvester (2010) 5 min.

Music video for the song "Keep It Movin'" by Harlem’s own LAMEC


Dir. Anthony Sylvester (2010) 5 min.

Music video for the song "3012" by Harlem’s own LAMEC


Dir. Anthony Sylvester (2010) 5 min.

The latest installment in the MANHOUSE series, this film chronicles the adventures of two renegades who live by their own rules.

I Am Batman

Dir. Dan Cooper (2010) 5 min.

Who is Batman? A fictional comic book hero, or a mild-mannered waiter from 128th Street? This film seeks to find out. 

With additional footage from the Fuzzystar Vault.

Live Performance From Harlem’s Own LAMEC!!!!

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